Things I’ve Learnt in Korea!

18. Taxis are crazy cheap. At home, to get from montreal to 2-mo would be almost 80$, here, it would cost 35$.

17. I’m sure most people wearing english t-shirts here have no idea what they say. Most do not make sense or have large grammar errors. There was a girl who came to school one day with the word ‘tits’ written across the front of her shirt, and two hands where her breasts would have been if she had any, she was only 10 yrs old.

16. Oh ya, people don’t just spit, they hork beforehand, really loud, I think thats what really gets me. Uck!

15. People are very helpful. I believe that those koreans who do speak english get very excited to practice it with you and show it off. If you look confused in public, someone will stop to ask you if you need help.

14. Kids are in school ALL day long. From 8 in the morning to 10 at night, no matter how old. There’s school and then there’s science academy, and math academy and english academy, and martial arts academy and academy on the weekend. And if they arent at school then they are doing homework. My kids are never excited for the weekend. Its a little sad.

13. Koreans love they dramas! The equivalent of american soaps. (I have not seen anyone watching Coronation Stree, Nanny and Grandpa, but even the kids watch dramas, when they arent slaving over homework that is)

12. There are advertisements everywhere! I constantly feel like I’m in that movie (you know, the one with the little robot that cleans garbage, and the people have left earth and live on a space ship filled with advertisements). Ads driving by, ads on buildings, ads in the grocery stores. And i’m not talking about regular ads, im talking there are tvs in the grocery stores in each aisle selling you a product. People are also hired to stand at different sections and repeat the same mantra over and over as an ad.

11. The Subways are B-E-A-U-tiful and clean! And absouletly humungous.

10. Oh and the majority of girls/women wear heels at all times of the day, to go anywhere and do anything.

9. Girls still have to dress “conservatively” here. It is not okay to expose your shoulders in public, but then again, I’ve seen soooo many girls/women in dresses that are soo short, they wouldnt be able to bend over without the whole world seeing their behind.

8. People just bump into each other, constantly, with no “excuse me’s”, but that is to be expected i guess when your are close to 50 million people all crammed onto a piece of land the size of New brunswick.

7. People just spit everywhere, all the time. Pretty gross. (The word of the day in my memory class was spit, so i taught them that it is rude to spit in public, thats what kleenex or the sink is for)

6. They also love crocks! But then again, a lot of people do. But I could care less how comfy they are, how do you go outside in crocks??? (No offence to those of you who have them)

5. Koreans love fluorescent shoes! Be it green, yellow or orange! For some of the most stylish people in the worl, I dont know what they are thinking.

4. They don’t eat dogs! There are mini dogs everywhere (they are pets not food!). Although there is a specific breed that they do breed, for the specific reason of eating it.

3. Koreans LOVE SPAM. So much so, they make gift baskets of them and give them to each other, they sell them everywhere.

2. Taxis are allowed going through red lights. Actually so are motorists, and those who simply don’t feel like waiting for the light to go green.

1. Pedestrians do NOT own the street, cars do!


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