My Students

Hey all,

So, at the end of the semester I am going to take class photos with each of my classes and post them. My kids are too cute.

But in the meantime, I figured I would post some of the CTP (critical thinking porject) creations! They have about 45 min at the end of the 3 hr class to work together in groups, write out a script, draw a picture and present their project. I thought I would share some with you. Enjoy!

This one, the kids had to create their own monster! We had been talking about ghosts and mummies. So this group decided to create a mummy, named Mommy, who is always angry and throws broken Soju bottles! (I hope their moms arent really like this!)

These kids had to write about solutions for people who lacked self-confidence. The solution in Korea: plastic  surgery!

The kids had a blast with this one. They had to write about the cons of Chungdahm. The list was endless. However, I did agree with most of them. Here are some easy but effective solutions!

This is what they believe happened to King Tut! Do not piss of the wife!

I love these ones. They had to write about how to be safe when playing with sparklers.

And here is what Korean children think about war…

And here is their take on Kennedy’s assassination:

I hope you got a good laugh. I will continue to use this page to post stuff from school 🙂


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