My Fave Snacks

So Korea has a lot of cafes, which means there are a lot of desserts/cakes/pastries around. You would think you were in Paris sometimes I swear. There is also a lot of snacks and chocolates. So, as I havent talked about food enough on this blog, I have created a snack page, where I will post some pics of my fave snacks.

First and foremost: waffles half covered in Belgian Chocolate. My absolute fave! They sell them at the home plus express for like 1.50$. So good!

Second: Crunky Bar!! Just like Crunchy bars from back home, which you dont see that much anymore. They also have mini crunkies (pic to come) which are just as good.

(as you can see, i had already opened and started eating it before I remembered to take a pic)

And here are the mini crunkies!!

And…Oreos!! Which aren’t Korean, but are one of the few snacks from back home that are also here. Plus they are actually cheap in comparison to other snacks. So, I have now become a fan of Oreos. Especially when they are dipped in warm milk 🙂 Yum Yum

(this box came with 10 packs of 5 oreos. At first I was like, who eats 5 oreos at a time? But then I realized it is quite easy…)


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