So my students did a presentation the other day on all of their fave K-pop bands (mostly the boy bands).

So I figured I would give you an intro to K-pop and their fave bands. Here they are:

1. Infinite


2. B.A.P.


3. Shinee


4. Beast


5. Tasty


6. Black B


7. Exo K


8. Big Bang


9. Teen Top


I know, I know, the boys look like girls. Its not just the videos. Many older boys around here seem to want to be girls.

And remember, this is a reflection of thier society. This is what I am living in! haha

I’m sorry I put you through that torture. Although, it does start to grow on you if you listen to it enough. And remember, these are the pop songs/groups that a bunch of 7th graders told me about. There is other good music in South Korea.

Tina and Derek, this page is for you! haha


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