50,000 DOLLARS!!!!!! (ok its won, but still!)

IM RICH! (not really)


A night out! Before the Stress!

My New Hood!

My New HOME! Room 206!

My Entry/Kitchen!

My Bathroom!


And! Last but not Least! My Washing Room!

At “BeerKing” on Cafe Street in Suji! With Fellow Teachers (Dan, Charlie, and Mat)

The Giant Lotte Mart!

Busy/main intersection around the corner from our school

Bike/Jogging path nearby apartment along “stream”

One of the MANY interesting buildings in South Korea

My huge bowl of Rice Wine!!! (only 5$) (thought it was complimentary soup when she brought it to the table)

Some more pics of the path along the river, taken on my walk home from E-mart today

And the garbage system which I have yet to figure out  (I still don’t know which color is what: food, trash, or recycling) But I will get it!

My New Bank: Shinhan! (Everything here has cartoons on it!)

And my first pay!!! Woot Woot *Millionaire! (Thats right, 1, 551, 210. WON)

Homemade dinner (not the first and definitely not the last)

And Bulgolbi (spelling is off) But delicious. It was Holm’s going away, he had been here for a year!

And Pho Mein!!! My fav restaurant! Vietnamese, around the corner from our school. We went for a huge lunch as our branch owner, Michelle is leaving for Canada on vacay for 2 months to visit her two boys who live there.

My Supper the other night at  Korean BBQ place. Went there after my half day, on my own. I wanted to walk around Suji a bit to get a feel for where everything is. This place was super busy, I actually had to wait for a table. Nothing fancy and cheap but good. You get your choice of meat to cook on your own BBQ in the middle of the table and it comes with reg salad, cabbage salad, kimchi, soup, noodles, and other things I dont know what they were and even an egg omelet. All for only 7000 won (less than 7$)!

And here is a pic of this bar called “Exit” near our school. We went the other night after work. You walk up to this huge fridge filled with beers, bottles and mixed drinks, choose what you want, pay for it at the cash, and then bring it back to your table. I had two Guinness, yum yum 🙂 (The pictures not great, but it is the fridge at the back)

I got an egg sandwich on my way to the Korean Folk Village from a street vendor. Most street food I have seen hasnt been too appealing, but this looked good and tasted great. It has made me rethink street food in Korea and I realize I must try some more.

So, my first touristy trip was to the Korean Folk Village. Below is pics from the Art Museum

This is just a butterfly on a flower, I thought it was pretty, so I took a pic 🙂

I think the one thing I enjoyed most about the Korean Folk Village was that it didn’t feel like I was in a city anymore with huge highrise buildings and shops everywhere, instead I felt like I was part of nature again. (That’s Craig in the second picture, as we are both Aries and have tons in common, we have decided that we are basically the same person)

Oh ya, and this was my other favorite part of the Korean Folk Village; the Torture area! haha. This torute device is called Flogging!

Oh and the Performace that was put on was amazing also. This is pre-performance. And right before this there were a million kids running in circles in the middle wildly, falling over, crying, chasing each other, fighting. It was a show in itself. This is the only picture I have though, I just realized. I do have some videos and will see if I can post them.

And this, is me posing in front of what used to be a Korean house.

Here are some more pics. That is Craig and Neci (Arnecia) in the photo on the left. We went to the village together.

And here are some random photos that I thought I would post to give you an idea of Korean stores/restaurants. I can actually read the Bang Bang store in Korean. The restaurant I didnt eat at, it was simply on the way back from the village and I figured I owed you guys some more pictures.


4 thoughts on “Images

  1. awesome pics ! dad and conor will ove to see these, nanny too ( still very happy i got the “live ” tour tho XOXOX

  2. A typical Nicholson….it’s all about the food!
    Your home made dish looked great Sara!! I can see you on “Chopped” one day!
    Lots of Love xoxox

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