Snowboarding in Pyeongchang!

Hello Everyone!

So last weekend, my coworkers and I got our butts out of bed at 6 in the morning! (not our usual).

“Why were we getting up so early?” you may ask. Well, because we were all super psyched to head to Pyeongchang (the same mountain that will be hosting the 2018 winter olympics) and snowboard/ski (there were actually many more skiers than boarders, I was an outcast).

The bus ride was 3 hours. We stopped at a rental shop at the hill to pick up our super sexy rental outfits (I had really wanted a one piece, but got a two piece with bright blue pants instead) and made it to the hill around 12ish. Oh yes, on the way, we almost killed some guy in a van, the bus came to a screeching halt. It was snowy at the time, and from what I’ve seen, Koreans don’t have winter tires. But no worries, the bus driver was able to avoid the van, and no one got hurt.

As much as we were psyched to go boarding, most of us knew not to expect too much from the hill, in terms of how much snow there would be, the trails, the village etc. Yes, it is the host of the winter olympics, but Korea definitely isnt the first place you think of when you decide you want to go boarding. I was actually surprised by the village they had at the bottom of the hill, seeing as I always expect something awesome like Tremblant and a lot of hills just dont compare, but I must say, Korea, you did pretty good. There was even a cabin at the top of the hill. But unfortunately, much to Sydney and mine’s dismay, there was no bar at the top of the hill, NOR at the bottom. Instead, there is a sign at the bottom of the hill that says “skiing/boarding after drinking is prohibited”! We were quite disappointed. However, after seeing how the Koreans ski/board, the sign makes a lot of sense. Never in my life have I been surrounded by so many people who didn’t know what they were doing. In comparison to them, I looked like a pro!

Sydney and I on the chairlift:


Our ride on the Gondola:


Me in my sexy outfit:


And the hill:






I had been scared that there would be a million people on the hills though, as there are always millions of people everywhere in Korea. I was scared it would be like Seoraksan, except this time a herd of sheep going down a mountain, not up it. But thankfully, there werent that many people on the hill. Which was good, seeing as you had to dodge all of those that were.

But we had a great time. For some it was their first time, some stayed for night skiing. But a few of us headed back to the resort  around 5. It was a 3 story building, with living room/kitchen and 2 large bedrooms on each floor. However, like most pensions in Korea that you stay at on trips, you sleep on the floor. In Seoraksan we had mats at least plus our blankets, but this weekend it was just you and your mat and the floor. After getting up so early, boarding and not eating great all day (plus I was still battling a cold), I got a headache after 1 glass of wine. I tried to push through, having 2 more glasses before I called it quits and hit the sack/floor. But that doesnt mean I fell asleep. No siree! Sleeping on the hard floor was horrendous. And as tired as I was, the noise from the 2 floors pretty much kept me up. Then Dan came into the room, and promptly fell asleep and started snoring. Then Suzanne barged into the room and gave us crap for being in bed so early. Then Charlie, Virls and Hannah came back from night skiing. Then Hannah and I couldnt sleep. Then Charlie came to bed, and we all woke up and chatted for a bit; it felt like a real slumber party. Then, when we had all finally fallen asleep, some crazy drunken Korean girl on the trip barged into the room and tried stealing covers from Hannah. This lead to, Dan getting so angry at her that he left the room to find a spot at the top of the stairs. The Korean girl finally stumbled out of our room as there was no room for her, only to somehow find Dan at the top of the stairs and start yelling at him. He managed to escape and made it back into our room, and we locked the door. By then it was 5 in the morning, and we managed to get a few more hours of shut eye before we all woke up around 9.

Quite a few people also got up in the morning to go boarding, so it was pretty quiet. They had made breakfast, but the eggs and veggies had been sitting out for quite awhile by then, so we took a walk to the dep. On the way back, we made friends with a cute little stray puppy outside. We called him Cheetos, because his mouth was orange from rummaging through the garbage. We found out later while waiting for the bus that he also had a brother. They were so cute. Hannah seriously wanted to bring him home with us. And, before heading home, we stopped in “town” and had lunch. Good ol Kimchi Jigae.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend!

And this past week, I was pretty busy because we had to write paragraph comments for each of our kids, I have about 50 this semester (as I see all 4 classes twice a week).

And last but not least, my boss told me at the end of this week that I should be staying till the end of the semester. I will be working intensives for a month in January also. This means i’ll be working in the morning also from 10-1 either 3 days a week, or 5. Which will provide me with some extra cash for my southeast asia adventures!

So, with this news, I am much happier now. Being in limbo and not knowing if they were going to send me home early or not had been driving me a little crazy. I was fine with whatever was going to happen, but once the idea of going home early got in my head, all I could think about was how nice it would be to be home for x-mas and the holidays. I must say, the past 2 weeks have been really tough. I dont think there wasnt a day where I didnt think about coming home. I was up and down constantly, debating whether I was really doing the right thing trying to tough it out, or whether the most important thing in being happy and being with family. I didn’t really think I’d give up, but keeping my head up and and staying has definitely been one of the hardest things I have had to do in awhile.

Needless to say, I am feeling better now, knowing that they are keeping me on. And i’m sure once the holidays are over, as much as I still miss everyone and would love to be with them, the yearning sensation to be home wont be as strong. I will definitely be home for xmas next year though. No way I am missing 2 xmases in a row. And i’m not really missing x-mas, we are actually going to do a x-mas supper tomorrow (sunday) night. And on xmas eve, we are going to have coco and watch xmas movies, and on xmas morning we are going to have a xmas brunch. And we are doing 2 gift exchanges. And I am going to wear my Santa hat as of tomorrow and throughout the week with my kids. And I got them all gifts. And I went xmas shopping today (for others and for myself :)). And, and, and haha.

Well, thats it for now. My second batch of brownies just finished. I am going to have some warm milk and watch some episodes of Friends. I have watched a full 3 seasons so far, and am now into the 4th! Hope to fall asleep earlyish. Hope to hit the laundrymat tomorrow, as well as pick up a few last xmasy things, work out at the gym, and cook the chicken for xmas dinner! I picked up cranberry sauce and stuffing today, and have gravy from home. Charlie and Alex (both from England) are making Yorkshire Puddings. Were also gonna have potatoes, carrots, green beans, rolls…and who knows what else. I will give you all the details about our x-mas dinner (and the day I had today, I was very productive today, went to Myeongdong and Dongdaemun) in a few days time.

I hope everyone is safe during the holidays. I miss you all! Have a very Merry Christmas! All my love! xoxo


One thought on “Snowboarding in Pyeongchang!

  1. Hey Adventure Girl!
    I believe the color of those pants is known as “Ski Bunny Blue” 🙂
    I’m afraid to tell you I think you made the right decision for fear of changing your mind…,,,”)
    We all miss you too but we’re looking forward to more stories from “Adventure Girl stomps thru Vietnam and Malaysia”.
    Big hugs and kisses from Mum, Dad and Conor..lots of goober from Duke and Pancho…and a couple of purrs from Chief!
    xxoo Dad

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