The past two weeks!

Ok, so I was going to do a post for last week/end and this week/end. But think I will just write one long.

So last week was the first week of the new semester. I dont have any of the same kids, which makes me sad, but my new kiddies look just as sweet. And if anything, I’m hoping (cross my fingers) I will have less troublemakers/slacker than the last semester.

And so, in order to remember the great kids I have taught, we took class photos at the end of the semester (and I gave them all chocolates and candies even though im not supposed to)

This is my IRE mon  class. They were super bright and great kids. Love them all! I had my camera on the wrong setting and so coudnt take a timed picture.


And then this is my birdie class I had on Mon nights. Gotta love Victory, the one pointing a gun at my head. I had confiscated it earlier in class because they had been playing wiht it. Obviously a mistake to give it back, haha.


And this is my bridge class (my fave class!). It was my most daunting class at first because I had 16 students in it, but they all came in with smiles, and they all liked to participate. There were about 6-8 boys, a few of whom caused some commotion but htye were good kids and I had a blast with them. I was missing quite a few of them on my last day unfortunately, but this is most of them.


And my second fav class, my lil memory kids, I forgot to get a picture but hope ot get some photos with a few of them in the hallway and will post them in a week.

And then my other fav class, my Par class on friday nights. What a hoot they were. We were together form 7-10 on friday nights, so no one ever felt like working. And as much as they may have given me white hairs sometimes, did they ever make me laugh.


And here is some more of my students artwork/CTP creations:


And… I handed out a “Grade teacher Sara” at the end of the semester in order to get some feedback on how to improve my class, and here are some cute and funny responses:

That’s right, I’m 99% perfect (you see that Derek!)



I dont know why these two are sideways, and cant rotate them, but I had to include them, notice that one of them says  Teacher Sara “done good” 🙂 haha


So my last week was fun. And then the new teachers came in on Friday night. We took them out to Dino’s and then Hannah stayed with me because Marty wasnt out of his room yet.

(Dino’s, all you can eat Korean BBQ for 15,000 won)


I went to Namdaemun Market (touristy market with food/clothing) on Saturday with  Sydney. Although we went after afternoon training, and showing the new guys Lotte Mart, so we didnt get there before dark. But it was nice, lots of touristy shops and food vendors lined down the middle. I forgot to take actualy photos, but did take a picture of our vegetarian omellette pancake and fried octopus dish, served with soup and of couse a bottle of Cass.


Oh yes! I almost forgot. The friday before the last week of our 1st semester, I gave work my notice. My last day of work will be Feb 22nd 2013. I have enjoyed being here, and like my coworkers and the kids, but I dont love the company and or the place/lifestyle. I took this job becuase I knew I could up and leave when I wanted, I didnt want to be anywhere for a whole year. Of course, I had kept that option opened, if I loved it then great I would stay, but if not I would keep moving on. So thats what I am doing. Come Feb 22nd I will have been here for over 6 months, and am going to take all of my savings and hit up Thailand and the surrounding areas. Ill prolly stop in Japan and Hong Kong on the way there. And when I get there I will volunteer at an elephant park, get my scuba diving license and do some other touristy things, but most importantly I plan on working on organic farms through WWOOF. This way I will be staying with families, working outside everyday and learning how to provide for myself.

It was a scary decision. I knew it was what I wanted to do for awhile, but the responsible side of me was worried about how it would look on my CV, what they company would think, and  if I would have enough money saved up. But I realized that life is too short to do things or not do things simply out of fear. Now that I am out of school, I feel like I need to trust my gut and do what feels right. So I am super psyched! And cant wait to head out. And am also enjoying and appreciating korea much more now because I  know I only have so much time left.

So of course, i celebrated a bit too much the week after I told them, Matt and marty were leaving, the two newbies were here/coming and I felt so relieved after having finally given my notice.

Wed night, before Matt and Marty left, we went to this mexican place on cafe street, and had yummy food and margaritas (with coronas in them)


And this past week/weekend I welcomed my new kids to class. We went out on friday night and I had two big macs at 4 in the morning because I am a horrible pig. haha. Then Craig and I took Hannah and Eric (the newbies) to Itaewon on Saturday. Eric got a guitar and we went for supper in Jongno with Sydney and Charlie. We all had an early night on Sat after friday nights fun. And sunday, chilled with Sydney, we took out stuff to the laundry. (I had to get my bed sheets cleaned, because they had black mold on them, from my wall, which has now been covered up with new wall paper, long story and gross photos i wont even share with you). And then we hit up a bar ot watch some sunday football and to find out that they are playing UFC next sunday also. So will prolly revisit them then.

And today, i woke up with a bit of a cold, it is pouring rain, and may snow tonight. I am going to have soem kimchi jigae for supper (i only have class from 7-10 on mondays). Kimchi Jigae is like a kimchi soup/stew, perfect for this kind of day. Made a trip to the post office this morning, and to the hospital to find out hwo much vaccines are going to be. So just taking it easy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Will write again soon! Lots of love xoxo


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