A night out and a relaxing Sunday

Hey All!

I didnt do anything touristy this weekend, just had some fun with the gang from Suji.

We are heading into week 13, the last week of my first semester. We will be meeting two new teachers on Friday night, as two of the “oldies” (Matt and Marty, who have been here for 1yr and 3 months) head off. They are actually going to take off Saturday morning together and voyage around Southeast Asia for about 3 weeks and then head home to their families in the States for Christmas. They are very excited. Matt will actually be coming back to teach again, but at a different school located in downtown Seoul. And Marty will be taking off on Jan 6th to bike across the States with the Young Philanthropists Organization  http://theyp.org/ on the Young and Wild Expedition 2013. It’s a great cause and you can find more information at http://theyp.org/young-wild-expedition-2013/. Marty will be participating as a leader/mentor. If you’d like, you can donate to the organization. If you do, please leave as a comment “for Martin Ethington”. This is not a plead for donations, but if anyone is interested and would like to support them, I’m sure it would be much appreciated.

So! seeing as they are both leaving, we went out last night in Seoul for one last round! We had supper at Petra Palace, a turkish/mediterranean restaurant which pleased both the carnivores of the group (Marty) and the vegetarians (Matt). I shared baba ganoush with Sydney and it was delish! I also had the Petra Chicken Special which was very good. Then we headed to our first bar where the night got pretty entertaining pretty fast. After moving us around 3 times, they finally settled us at a round table, which we managed to squish into.

Good thing we are all good friends. We had a round of drinks and shots, and then…this tiny little korean man at a table near us bought us 3 pitchers! So Kind! And then….he bought us another 3 pitchers! Very Very kind! We thanked him like crazy. But were also a little curious as to why he was being so nice. Well, after he joined us at our table, we realized, and I would assume he was being so generous, simply because he was kind, but also because he was very drunk. Not long after joining us, he decided to wrip off his shirt and and flex his tiny little Korean body and muscles for the camera. And so our night began! haha

After the tiny Korean spilled what was left of the beer on the table, we decided to head out. Of course, on our way to the next bar I had to get a pogo from a street vendor. Between the 2nd bar and club I got toppoki (fried rice cakes in red hot sauce) off a street vendor and finished the night by getting a crispy potato taco from taco bell before we headed home in a taxi. My excuse: we walked and danced a lot, and you need food to soak up the alcohol. I also would have never gotten anything from taco Bell, except we stopped in so Charlie could get a drink and Dan got some food, and I knew that I’d be jealous of Dan if I didnt get myself something.

I had just woken up this morning, and was lying in bed around 11:30 when Arnecia rang my doorbell and suggested we go for brunch on Cafe Street. It was a beautiful day and so we walked over to Cafe Street and took a sit at Plate 607. We ordered a plate of pancakes, scrambled eggs w/ bacon and sausage and a plate of french toast (which is two french toasts with scrambled egg in between) with fruits on top and bacon+sausage. We shared the plates. They were absolutely delicious! Each plate also came with a green salad with a wonderful, light, fresh dressing.

And on our walk to cafe street, we noticed that a mural had been painted underneath the overpass along the bike path. So we decided to stop and take some photos.

On our walk back, we stopped in at E-mart and Lotte mart for some food (and I did some xmas shopping 🙂 ). And I also got my kids some candy and chocolate to give them seeing as it is our last week together. (We arent really allowed to give them anything, but I don’t care, a lot of my kids and their parents have gotten me stuff over the semester and my classes have all been really good, so they deserve it!). There are 2 or 3 classes/groups of kids that I would love to teach again next semester, and then there are 1 or 2 classes that well, lets just say, I wont cry if I dont get them again (or maybe I will haha).

I am actually going for a small training session this Tuesday to get trained for a new class (TOEFL, it is literally a class where all they do is prep for the TOEFL test, pretty boring, subbed for it once this semester) along with Andrew and Sydney and the other teachers.

I am excited for the new semester. It is a different track, so that means new books, new material. And apparently there is slightly less material to cover in this track and so there is a bit more time to have discussions with the students. I have learnt a lot over this past semester, and have actually been adapting as I go, instead of waiting to change things in the next semester. But I have a much better idea of how I want to break up my class, and what things I want to focus on etc. I’ve also set myself up a pretty awesome student management sheet in excel in order to keep better track of my students and their progress in order to help them improve more.

So, I think I will leave you now. I am going to make a batch of cookies. Recipe from http://carrotsncake.com/2009/02/banana-oatmeal-chip-cookies.html. I am now in love with this site (http://carrotsncake.com/). I made a batch the other day, and they were great, however they quickly disappeared. I wasnt the only one eating them I swear! I have to do 6 at a time in my toaster oven and I brought a bunch to someone as a gift.

So that is all. We will probably go out for supper on Friday night to welcome the newbies and say one last goodbye to those that are leaving. Saturday I have a meeting at work and will mostly just be decorating my new room (hopefully) and prepping for the 1st day of the new semester. So it’ll be another easy weekend but then after that I hope to visit DMZ, probably go snowboarding on the weekend of the 15th of December. And hopefully hit up a temple and the Penis park in January!

So have yourselves a very good week!




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