This Weekend: Lotte World and High Street Market!

And this weekend…I went to Lotte World (sort of like a mini disneyland/amusement park).

Video of the inside of Lotte World:

It is half indoor and half outdoor. Apparently it is the largest indoor amusement park in the world (in the Guinness Book of records). The kids who won the CTP competition got to go. Arnecia’s kids won, but Craig and I went along with them. I figured going to such a site would be much funner with a bunch of googly eyed kids who were excited to be there. And it was pretty awesome. Plus it was decorated for x-mas. There is actually an indoor skating rink in the same area which I will have to go back to. Although, I have a bad feeling that you can only rent figure skates and not real ice skates…so don’t know how that will go, haha. Will have to take a video of me falling on my ass.

The skating rink:

But of course like all tourist attractions in Korea, actually like nay place in Korea, be it an attraction or not, there were a ton of people there and the wait time for any ride was at least an hour. The kids finally decided on a ride, you know the one with the swings that turns in circles. I said I wasnt going to do any spinny rides, but figured this wouldnt be bad. Plus after waiting in line for atleast an hour I figured I might as well. Now I know for the future, the older I get, the less I enjoy amusement parks and the sicker they make me feel. As soon as it started to gain speed, I had to keep one eye open and one eye closed and try not to concentrate on the fact that I was spinning in circles. I tried to think of a happy place and am glad that we hadnt eaten anything yet because I might have vomited on the kids.

The puky ride:

Afterwards, with my head spinning, we made our way to a korean restaurant because the kids were starving, but with soo many people, we ended up waiting over an hour to sit down at a table. The kids were really good about it though, and they were the ones who wanted to wait. They must be used to it here. So by the time we sat down, no one spoke, we just gobbled up our food. I ordered a beef and leek soup which was pretty decent and had a bunch of sides. Afterwards, I was ready to fall asleep, and we thought the kids seemed pretty mellow also. But it only took about 10 mins of walking for the food energy to kick in. Lotte World is of course filled with stands for candy, and cotton candy, and popcorn, and korean snacks. The kids got dipping dots and I bought one of the girls peanut butter roasted squid, which I had and I must say it was pretty good. It basically tastes like peanut butter as quid doesnt have much taste. It looked like french fries pretty much.

I actually snuck away from the group quick and went back outside to get these icecream and chocolate stuffed freshly made waffles. Which was very yummy :). I swear, thank God I go to the gym, because although I am lucky in terms of metabolism, I would be gaining weight very quickly here. The kids did a few more activities, such as rock climbing and the mirror maze. And before you knew it it was 5 oclock and we were leaving. I didnt go back to Suji right away though. I stopped in to High Street Market, a store in Itaewon, that carries goods that you cant find anywhere else from back home. I was only going becasue I wanted vanilla extract and oatmeal (which I hadnt been able to find at home plus, lotte mart, emart OR shinsegae). But of course, it was like walking into a candy store, and I left with over 100$ worth of stuff, but it was so worth it. I now have some aunt jemima maple syrup, some KD, some stove top stuffing and cranberry sauce (for xmas), some nutrigrain bars, poptarts, a fruit rollup 🙂 some instant oatmeal, real chocolate chips (for baking). And of course, they had a bin filled with wine on sale, so I took it as a sign that I was supposed to buy some. Oh yeah! they also had bacon!!! and Tortillas!!!

My grocery bag from High Street Market

So I left very happy and came home to have a glass of wine with salad and a pizza from this new pizza place with a wood oven stove that recently opened up nearby. And for dessert I had a delicious piece of choclate cake which the mothers of the kids we had taken to Lotte World had bought for Arnecia, Craig and I.

My yummy pizza supper and delish choco cake!

So yes food, food, food. I just cant help it. It is what I remember the most. Oh, and I have been pigging out on Peppero’s all week. November 11th is Peppero Day. The kids/everyone, gives each other these chocolate covered biscuits sticks. So my a bunch of my lovely kids brought me in Peppero’s (whether its because they like me or they just want good grades, I don’t know, but either way it was much appreciated!). Even one of their moms brought me in some stuff, and even the Indian restaurant we went to tonight gave us some.


Today, I just took it easy. Tried to prep most of my classes for the next two weeks (the last of the semester and then a new one begins!! does time ever fly!) and did some grocery shopping. Then hit up Suwon with some of the gang for Indian!!! I had bought Chai tea last time I was there but forgot how to make it, so asked the guy again about it tonight. His directions werent very precise so did my best, but only had the smart idea to search for it online after having some trouble making it. Your supposed to smash a piece of ginger, throw it in a pot with some water and bring it to a boil. Then add sugar, then add milk, then add the tea, then STRAIN it. I just threw some milk and water into the microwave, added some sugar and added the tea thinking it was like instant coffee and would dissolve. No such luck, so had to pick out the tea with a spoon. But it was still really good, but next time I will do it the right way and it will be better 🙂

So, I realize that I havent been super great in terms of pictures. Been having some really good times and moments here but just never think to take out the camera. So sorry for that, I would like to share more of these moments with you guys and also have the pics for memories, but even if I dont get to show you the pics will do my best to relay the info/stories.

(the videos take a while to upload on youtube, so will repost them in a day or two in the blog, got some videos of lotte world etc)

Hope all is well with everyone!! And hope you all have a good week! Lots of love! xoxox


One thought on “This Weekend: Lotte World and High Street Market!

  1. This blog should be called “Sara Eats Through Korea”,……)

    I can’t wait for the video of Sara in Figure skates!


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