Last Weekend

Hey Everyone,

Sorry its been awhile sine my last post. Been pretty busy I guess. There were a few times where I had the time to write, but just wasnt in the mood. And I dont express myself as well as I normally would when I’m trying to force it. But now here I sit, in the mood and ready to tell you about my last two weeks.

So I made a friend at the gym, don’t know if I told you yet or not, her name is Sandy. She actually studied in New York for her undergraduate and speaks very good English. She is now back in Korea doing her MBA. We met at the gym on a wednesday night. She was very kind and approached me and offered to translate for me which proved to be very necessary during yoga!

So we shared a few wednesday night classes together, and kept saying that we should get together one night, after a class or something. So last Thursday, she came over to my place for supper. I made a swirly pasta in rose sauce with some added garlic stems and mushrooms, and thrown into my toaster oven under the broiler with some cheese. Along with some garlic bread and wine of course! We had a great  time chatting and as she is Buddhist, we might go to a Buddhist temple and do a “temple stay” some time in the future.

That saturday (so last sat), I can’t quite recall what I did. I think I just did some grocery shopping (started my hunt for vanilla extract and oatmeal to make cookies with), cleaned the apartment and prepped for some of my classes. I may have gone out for supper…I may have stayed in and cooked…I just don’t know. Needless to say I took it easy on the Saturday and did my errands becasue on the Sunday I was going to Chongju, to visit with Steven and Yeongju, the couple I had met before I left while they were vacationing in Canada. Steven has been teaching here for 8 years and has been able to lend lots of advice. It was a nice, realtively short (1hr1/2) bus ride down (Chongju, is directly south of where I am).

Steven was nice and picked me up at the bus station and we headed back to their apartment to pick up Yeongju and Aiden (cutie pie). They brought me to a traditional Korean market which was much much fun!!! That is the kind of stuff I really enjoy (no surprise that it involves being surrounded by food galore! haha). And I wish I had pictures to show you, but I had thought we were just going to the store so didnt bring it along. But there are two markets in Seoul (Dongdaemun and Namdaemun) which I will definitely go to and bring camera!

At the market, I picked up some side dishes such as kimchi cucumber, fried tofu in red sauce, garlic stems in red sauce, and radishes in red sauce (the red suaces vary slightly between each one). I also got to munch on some korean seaweed snack (good=mashita in korean), some rice cake desserts, some salty shrimp shred and some anchovy sidedishes/snacks (which reminded me that I dont like anchovies). Oh yes, and I had my first fried fish batter paste (which Steven really likes, and I politely agreed that it was great, but not my favorite).

Then we hit up downtown Chongju, which is very nice and I had my first fish past skewer stick (which I liked becasue it was covered in the red spicy sauce) and a pancake like snack which is very similar to a beavertail and just as good but only 50cents. Then, where else would we go in a Sara story but to the grocery store, haha. Yeongju had to pick up some stuff for supper, which she was going to teach me how to make. It is simply noodles (sweet potato noodles, similar to pasta noodles, but they go translucent) and you throw in fried/steamed mushrooms, onions, carrots, and spinach (and whatever else you may like including pork or chicken), tossed with sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. It was very  good. They actually sent me home with a whole bunch and it lasted me a whole week (I ate it every day, haha). They were also so kind as to send me home with some rice cakes, sesame seeds, and a huge Asian pear which was delicious. (Oh yes, not only do Koreans eat rice, for breakfast, lunch adn supper, but they love it soo much they decided to turn it into a dessert as well!)

So that was last weekend for me! Here are some pics:

My supper with Sandy!!

Supper with Steven, Yeongju, and Aiden!

The rice cake desserts they sent me home with! And a large amount of our dinner!

Yeongju helped me pick this stuff up at Home Plus: 1) red sauce for Korean BBQ 2) Chili Pepper paste and 3) red sauce for noodles!



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