My Walk to School


So I have been very much enjoying  my walk to school the past few days. Its getting really cold at night, but during the day it is sunny and crisp, and the colors are beautfil. So I thought I would videotape my walk so you could enjoy it also and even get to see Suji a bit.

It’s my first video experience on this blog, so please forgive me if it is not as entertaining as it could be. I will get better. It was a lot of fun and I think its a great way to let you guys see what I’ve been up to or what I’ve been doing. So there will definitely be more!

Warning: the video ends abruptly at 10min, I guess my camera only lets me take 10 min videos. Its right before I enter my school haha. So I will have to take another. And I will also take one of my work, next semester, when I have a nice classroom with windows.

So, enough with the suspense, here is the video, enjoy!

And here’s Part II

Love you all! xoxox


3 thoughts on “My Walk to School

  1. that was great hun- but next time go by the shops/restaurants a bit slower so i can see the menus lol well ok, guess i will see the school first :> love the video idea

  2. Hey there Sara!
    Great video, and great way to see a bit of your new world! I still can’t believe how small you are when all you do is talk about food! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying Korea – sounds like you’re having no problem finding friends, and things to do in your spare time. You don’t talk much about your teaching or your students. How’s that working out? Do you enjoy it? Are you allowed to take pix of your students? Look forward to your next communication…..Tammy xo

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