Suwon Fortress and all you can eat Brazilian meat!

Hello Again!

So last weekend, the plan had been to go to a Palace in Seoul and the Seoul tower, however we decided to hit up Suwon fortress instead. Suwon is about a 10-30 min drive southwest of us, depending on how far into Suwon you are going. There is a decent sized fortress wall that surrounds the inner part of the city. Often, when you travel into downtown Seoul you pass just under it on the bus.

It was definitely on my list of thinsg to do and we decided to go there instead because one of my coworkers, Matt, is leaving this semester and still hadnt been. So we followed Matt (who’s been here for over a year now), and got onto the bus that takes us into Suwon. Unfortunately, the route had changed since Matt has last taken it, and it dropped us off pretty much on what seemed to be the outskirts of Suwon. So we had to take a taxi. The taxi driver dropped us off at what seemed to be a Suwon tourist village however, and not the actual fortress. (it was the fortress, we just didnt realize it at first). So we paid, thankfully only 1,50$ to go into what was a little village maze, where people we making rice cakes.

This is Matt, attempting to pound the rice cake batter…

I must say, after hiking Seoraksan the weekend before I was not impressed with the amounf of uphill walking we had to do before it started to level off…

And at different points along the way, there are differnet monuments/structures/statues to check out, including this:

(I got to hit the bell twice :), with Matt sitting on it of course)

And this:

Unfortunately, my battery died right after I took this last photo. So I have no more pictures after this. But we did make it to the part of the fortress which we normally pass under on the bus, and it was really nice.

It would definitely do it again, seeing as it doesn’t cost anything. It would be nice to pack a lunch and take your time wandering around the whole thing.

Then we came home, and I promptly took a powernap for a good hour. I don’t know why I was so tired, but it felt great. I also recharged my camera really quick before we took off to go to Itaewon for supper. Another coworker, Charlie, from England, well her mom had just arrived so we all went out for supper with them. We went to an all you can eat Brazilian buffet, where they bring meat on large skewers to your table adn cut off whatever you want. I had steak fo the first time in Korea! And they had steak wrapped in bacon, steak with garlic, chicken, sausages, roast beef etc… And they even had salads, and veggies and bread, and beams, and penne bolognese (which looked like hamburger helper but tasted great). AND for desert, grilled pineapple with cinnamon. Yum Yum! (sorry you guys, but I just dont think I can write a blog without talking about food at some point). Here is a picture of our supper out!

And then we hit up a bar with a roof top terrasse, where some of my coworkers competed in a pretty fierce competition of beer pong. And of course we had to bring Charlies mom to Polly’s Kettle so she could have a Soju kettle (I gotta say, they are pretty tasty).

I caught a cab home with Dan pretty early, but we stopped at this pie place beforehand, where they make little individual sized pies with meat and cheese and veggies, but also desert pies. We each got an apple and custard oen straight out fo the oven, oh God, was it good.

And I offered to take care of Kimchi (a cat) that Dan was actually taking care of because some of our other coworkers/friends were hiking Seoraksan this weekend and left their cat with Dan. Dan already has a guniea pig though, and found out (once he had the cat) that he was allergic. I figured I could use the company of an animal and offered to watch it the last night.

He is soo tiny, he was taken away from his mom too young definitely. He was trying to need and suckle me the whole time. But he made me laugh, and slept under the covers with me beside my belly. He also scratched a bunch of stuff in the apartment including me. I couldnt step off my bed without my feet being attacked. He jumped on my head in the morning. But it was company I was very glad to have. Here is a picture of the cute little devil:

And on Sunday I woke up and did a huge grocery at E-mart. Because after a week of eating out I was fed up of only eating two meals a day, and having to wait to eat at 10 at night. And although the food was good it wasnt making me feel very healthy. But I made the mistake of buying way too much stuff for on small person like me to carry. There were too many bags so I put eveyrhting in a box, which therefore was very heavy, but more importantly very awkward to carry. I could barely make it onto the bus. So note for next time, do shopping in smaller batches.

I came home and made msyelf veggie chili for the week, with chicken and veggie salad.

(I have to admit, my groceries did include a bottle of wine, and a large box of oreos: I need a nighttime snack and they are super cheap, and I was watching Sex and the City the other night in which they ate oreos and it gave me a crazy craving)

SO…that was my weekend. We work this Saturday morning, we have the CTP competition. Our kids compete giving presentations and we vote for the winners. We may get to go out for supper afterwards, but if we don’t then I will prolly hit up Seoul and the palace and tower (and possibly do some shopping). I am in need of boots for the winter, it is getting pretty chilly here.

But thats that for now, hope everyone had a good weekend. And I will write again soon! xoxox


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  1. Hi Sara Sounds like your having a great time and the kitten is so cute, maybe you need to adopt one. hee heeLove hearing about all the good food, keep well.Love Nan and GrandpaDate: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:22:27 +0000 To:

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