Fireworks, Itaewon and Hongdae


Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful turkey dinner and eat so much that you cant move anymore, thats what I would do 🙂

I worked this Saturday seeing as Thanksgiving here was last weekend and school was postponed a few days. However, I only had to work until 1PM while everyone else had to work until 4PM.

Even though I finished early and was looking forward to the weekend I was in a bizarre mood on saturday and annoyed with everything. So I came home and rearranged my place, threw a bunch of stuff out and cleaned it up, that always seems to make me feel better.  I napped/rested my eyes for a bit, and then got ready to head out with everyone around 5.

We all headed into Seoul together to see International fireworks. They were being held from 7:30-10:30. I can’t remember all of the countries that participated, but I do remeber that China, US and South Korea were a part of it (Canada was not). I love fireworks, and I figured they would be as good if not better than the ones we get in the summer at the Old Port. And they were absolutely amazing! There were a buttload of people mind you; getting there was crazy. The subways were packed, the streets were packed (nevermind on the way back). But it was totally worth it! We managed to get through the crowd and find a pretty decent spot, close enough to hear the music pretty well, and it was all amazing. I have a few pics and videos but dont know how to make the videos from my camera small enough to upload. But a friend did take a great video, at the perfect time and it is on his facebook so I will try to make it available on my facebook.

Oh yes!!! I ate worms!!! They were selling siltworms/silkworms???, these little mini bug like things covered in a dark sauce of some sort. The smell was pretty bad, and they tasted just like they smelled. Bad! But hey, I tried it, so now I know they taste bad and I will avoid them in the future.

Afterwards, it tooks us about 1 and 1/2 to get to Itaewon. Which is really not that far away, but with most of South Korea all trying to leave the fireworks at the same time, things got slowed down. Itaewon, is sort of the foreigner/party district in Seoul, lots of dif restos/bars/pubs. I got a Kebab, cuz I was starving, but made the mistake of getting a beef/lamb one, so it was mostly beef, and just tasted like a burrito, they didnt have the right sauce, I think it was just mayo.

Anyways, that was not the destination, Polly’s Kettle was! On hooker hill (so named because there is a little stretch of red light district). And in Polly’s Kettle, you can get a Soju Kettle! Pretty much a bottle of soju mixed with juice (I chose peach, but there is also grape, cherry, pineapple etc…), and served in a large plastic bottle with the top cut off (gangsta tang rip off, haha). And I didnt have to pay for my Soju Kettle because a Korean named Johnny did, and then he bought me a rose from a flower lady (he was very nice) but I promptly informed him that I am taken and not available. Should I have done this before he bought me a drink, should I have denied his drink offer, probably yes, but the Scotts in me also enjoyed having a free drink.

And then, we headed off to Hongdae, another party district, but a bit less “trashy” than Itaewon, and I think bigger on the club scene. Im not too sure, it was only my first time really going out in Seoul. But before leaving, I got a Vietnamese Sandwich from a food vendor (boy do I wish we had street food in montreal), cuz I was still hungry, the kebab was tiny I swear, and it was absolutely delish, garnished with cilantro and carrots. Yum Yum.

Anyways, so we went to Hongdae, paid to enter a club (which I rarely do, I hate standing around in a line, and then have to pay to enter a hot sweaty basement filled with people who cant really dance, who are drunk and looking to hook up, and have to pay for overpriced drinks) But atleast the girls got a free drink with their entrance (and it was only 5$ to get in). And of course, in the small world that it is, we bumped into a friend from training. So we had fun, danced in a circle and then decided to continue on to the next location.

But at this point, I felt like it would be a good idea to quit while I was at the top, so I caught a cab with a friend back home. We had to bargain with the guy for a better price because at first they were asking for 60$, when it is normally only 35$ish. Anywho, we got him down to 50$ and then I didnt care, I just wanted to head out. Now, it is a decent drive form Hongdae back to Suji, and Im sure the cab driver wanted to get back to the party area to make more money. SOO, he decided to drive 160km/h all the way home. It was pretty awesome. At first, I didnt realize how fast we were going because the highways are soo big and there weren’t that many people on the road. But after a while I realized we were making good speed and checked out the speedometer. Woo! haha. And of course, he didnt really know where to take us, and so got into an argument with my friend. Thankfully I recognized the E-mart and Shinsegae so we eventually just got him to to drop me off there and I walked the rest of the way. Which was fine, it was a beautiful night.

I woke up this morning to no food in the house. Walked around the corner hoping the egg sandwich lady would be there but she wasn’t. So i continued walking to Lotte Mart (there is a dry cleaner on the 3rd floor) and dropped off two shirts. Found out that in Lotte Mart they have this great little cafe, and bought myself a waffle topped with whipped cream and served with bananas and kiwi (for only 3,000 won, less than 3$). Yum. Then continued onto Emart to do the rest of my shopping.

I’m really starting to wonder wether it is less espensive to just buy food all the time. I spent a decent amount of money and only really bought stuff for breakfast and snacks, whereas you can get a large meal here for around 5$, most come served with soup and kimchi. So I am going to start keeping track of how expensive food is here, and how much it costs to cook for a month. And compare that to how much it costs to buy out for a month. dah dah dah…. I will let you know the results.

Hoping to  hike Seoraksan next weekend (Korea’s biggest mountain). I signe dup for a trip where we leave friday night and get there at 3:00 in the morning and start hiking right away (it is a 10-12 hr hike) and you get to see the sunrise. The place we are staying at is on a beach, and the next day we do a small hike and zipline. As of now, not sure if it is going to happen cuz not enough people have signed up but hoping that it will. I’m really pschyed for it! But that is all for now!

Love you all so much! I am so thankful to have you in my life, and to be able to be here in Korea experiencing all of this. Hope you all have a great weekend! Lots of love! xoxo


One thought on “Fireworks, Itaewon and Hongdae

  1. And we are so thankful for you, adventure girl,your posts on this blog make us all smile, laugh and cry at the same time – and it feels like we are experiencing every moment along with you…got your email- glad you will make it to the top of the mountain this wknd- YEAH ! some pictures of a sunrise…not just food HAHA

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