Korean Baseball!

So I went to a Korean Baseball game this weekend. It was the Doosan Bears vs the SK Wyverns. The Doosan Bears were the home team, playing in Seoul, in the Jamsil Baseball Stadium, right in front of the Seoul Olympic Stadium. (The Sk Wyverns are an Incheon team)

It was pretty freakin awesome!  I had a lot of fun. I had heard that Koreans really like their baseball teams and that it is quite an event, but I had no idea until I got there.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has plastic balloon batons that they smack together to make noise throughout pretty much the entire game. Both teams have cheerleaders which dance practically non stop to music which is playing practically non-stop. And the music can be anything from a traditional Korean baseball chant, to PSY, to footloose or Born in the USA (Korean versions), to bad boys for life! haha. Great Music, great dancing, great chanting, and great fun! Everyone smacks their batons to the music and they even have choreographies for each one. And EVERYONE in the stadium knows them! haha I think I watched the fans more than I did the actual game. (The Bears lost, like usual, but people were still singing!)

Nevermind, that you are allowed to bring in food and drinks from outside the stadium, no bag checks, you can bring in anything you like!

To top it off, it was a beautiful sunny day, great for a baseball game.

Later, I travelled back into Gangnam (yes, like Gangnam Style) the hippest place in Seoul (which is actually where my training took place) and window shopped  with Craig and Andrew (Andrew just arrived on Friday, he is a new teacher). Craig introduced us to an awesome bookstore with  a huge english section. I bought a book by Tina Fey called “Bossypants” (it called to me from the shelf im sure) and it has already made me alugh out loud. And i bought a world map, that I am going to put up in my classroom.

Then we found a resto serving this traditional, herbal, super healthy chicken soup remedy with ginseng in it, so we obvisouly had to go in and try it. Craig had taken off to see a friends show, and hes the one who knew his way around, so Andrew and i were left to make our way back to Suji on our own. Needless to say we made it, but did get on the subway the wrong way twice. They have over 9 different lines, and they cover huge distances. Imagine if Montreal built a subway that made it’s way to 2-mo, and a million other suburbs. It’s pretty huge. But we made our way home finally.

And then….This morning I woke up and went to buy a WHOLE bunch of stuff at E-mart. A new (and much comfier) pillow and pillow case. A big stew pot, sauce pot, strainer, another garbage bin, some detergent, a swiffer, a blanket, and scissors, and peeler and a whole bunch of other things. I was originalluy going to buy a bit at a time, so that it wouldn’t seem like i was spending that much, but if I’m going to have to leave a lot of it here, then I might as well get it now (itll be the same amount of money in the long run) and get my moneys worth out of it. So as much as it plagued me to spend tons of money (as I am the daughter of a Scottsman) I am also very happy and more comfortable with my new things.

I also did a load of laundry, washed my dishes, scrubbed the bathroom, swiffered my floors and made a very nice supper (with enough leftover for two meals this week) and had a glass of rose (I thought it was red, but apparently not). And now, I am writing to let you all know how my weekend went.

The only diasppointing thing is that trains everywhere and anywhere are completely booked next weekend as it is the Korean Thanksgiving and their biggest holiday. I was supposed to visit my friend in Daegu, but dont know if I’ll be able to get there. I am hoping to show up at the train station early saturday and hope to get a standing ticket, so fingers crossed.

And to make me feel better, I will simply walk to the Paris Baguette and buy myself a chocolate treat (Paris Baguette is going to make me fat 😦 )

So, I hope everyone has a very lovely Sunday. I will be off to bed soon. Take care and Gnight! xoxox


3 thoughts on “Korean Baseball!

  1. Ahh you bought Bossypants?! I loved that book – Tina Fey is so funny. I need to go book shopping, you have to show me where this store is soon!

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