Korean Folk Village

So I made my first real touristy trip this past weekend; I visited the Korean Folk Village.

I must say I did enjoy going, but it is quite gimicky. I enjoyed feeling like I was surrounded by nature and not high rise buildings, and I enjoyed seeing the Torture area. And the Performance they put on is also great. But it did feel like it was something they created simply to make money off of. Most tourist areas take advantage of such things and create attractions simply to make money. I’m thinking this was definitely one of them. It was nice though to see sooo many Korean kids and their families visiting. We went on a saturday and it was filled with kids. There is a tiny amusement park with merry-go-round, rollercoaster and boat ship (like at LaRonde) that the kids all congregated at. So it was nice to see them visiting and getting educated on their own culture.

I’m also biased a bit as I’ve never been big on going to all the “tourist attractions”. I would be happy simply walking around each district everyday, exploring the area, finding interesting restos and conversing with locals.

Near the end of the day, we ate at the village before heading home, but something we ate did not agree with me, it was either the salty/bloody traditional Korean sausages (yuck) OR the seafood omellete/pancake, but I felt pretty sick afterwards. Luckily, Craig brought me to this restaurant in Suji where they serve brunch food all day long. I had a green tea and an absolutely to die for, amazing, waffle with blueberries on top. I felt instantly better 🙂 The drink and food were delicious and so was the music. Also amazing is the owner, Jun Park, who is super nice and acts as a Tourist guide if needed. He sat down with us and we talked for a good while before heading home.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to a baseball game, but instead travelled into Itaewon, a tourist district, near Seoul and ate mexican food at Tomatillo. It was pretty good but slightly expensive for the quantity that you actually get, but any Mexican place you go to here is going to be more expensive as they are rare. They did however, serve great margaritas, although they were filled with more ice than liquid. Oh yes, we didn’t go into Itaewon to eat, we actually went in to get an “egg” for Sydney (a portable wifi for her phone) but the place was closed. And Tomatillo was our lunch.

So then we headed home (which took an hour or more) by subway, only to head back out another 45 minutes to Suwon to eat supper at an Indian restaurant with Suzanne (we met her through the other teachers, she teaches here also, but at a different school). The restaurant was absolutely amazing. The best food I’ve had since I got here. We had large curried shrimp, red chicken, samosas, chicken tikki masala, and garlic naan bread. And the owners gave us free tea at the end of the night. The best tea I have ever had! It was frothy, and almost looked like coffee but was tea, and had this great spice to it. Yum Yum. I’m hungry just thinking about it. I will definitely be going back 🙂

Sorry this blog has again turned into a food blog. I just can’t help it. It is what I am most passionate about I guess. hehe. I am going to hit up the store and furnish my apartment this weekend. Don’t know what the plans are yet. Will tell you all about them though. Till then! Love you all!! xoxox


3 thoughts on “Korean Folk Village

  1. Hey Sara, my sister told me about this fun bar in Seoul you might want to check out. It’s called Little Guiness, if you go and you hear someone laugh like me..it’s her…hahaha! Have fun!

  2. Hey Sara,

    I get a kick out of the flogging table. You’ll have to order me one…I can think of a number of candidates for it! 🙂
    Great to see your beautiful, happy smile!!


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