Awake at 1 in the morning

So I am writing because I am wide awake and can’t fall asleep. I have been sleeping in and obviously haven’t been using up enough energy. Working with kids is definitely tiring but I haven’t been working out, or jogging or going to the gym, so I still have some pent up energy. I think i am hungry also, and I must be getting accustomed to the food because all I can think about is kimchi, and pickled radishes and Korean bbq and bulgolbi and nutella haha and lots of other good stuff.

I am excited to go to the Korean folk village this weekend. Happy to finally be getting in some sightseeing. There’s also a bunch of festivals coming up so I have started marking them in my calendar, including fireworks in Seoul, a cultural festival in Suwon, a fishing festival in Bussan etc etc. Nevermind my list of DMZ, hot spring spa, Everland (which is awesome apparently), Penis Park etc etc.

I also can’t stop thinking about my classes, and what I can do to make them better, and how I can decorate my room. I started putting up quotes and student group projects and I’ve printed out some pictures, including pics of my puppies. I told the students they could bring in pics if they like. I don’t have any windows in my room, so I was thinking about creating a fake window, or maybe putting up a world atlas on one of the sides of the classroom. We shall see. One of the walls is covered in writing so we definitely need to cover that up. I will take a picture of my classroom and my school as soon as I have everything set up. I also bought a plant, a fake one though; a real one wouldn’t survive seeing as there is no sun or air. I have to put on an aircleaner so that we don’t all die haha. I have also bought a Kleenex box for the classroom, as all of my students are getting sick and asking me “teacher, teacher, tissue?”. I am making sure to take my vitamins to stay healthy, and have been getting much better sleep lately, besides tonight.

Really it’s only 1AM, so normal time for most teachers here. Some stay up till 4 in the morning and only get up later. But I’d really like to stick to a regular schedule, getting up early at like 9 to have time to do things before class, and then hit the sack around 12. The last few days I was bad and just stayed in bed till 11 or 1030 simply because I could but I’d rather not make that a habit. I will just have to force myself out of bed in the morning when my alarm goes off instead of pressing snooze for an hour like I have been. Hehe.

Oh yes, I have to remember to take pictures of all the foods I have been eating. It is very interesting. Bowls of rice and egg and kimchi, often in a soup. Dumplings. Fried cheese filled pork with rice and cabbage salad. Fried chicken. Hot stews of chicken and cabbage and rice cakes, sometimes with octopus. Yum yum I am making myself hungry again. I am tempted to get out of bed and eat something.

But I must try to sleep. I will leave you with a good night/or a good morning/or good afternoon. I am going to count sheep. Hopefully it works.  Love Sara xoxoxo zzzzzz…..


5 thoughts on “Awake at 1 in the morning

  1. Hey my darling daughter!
    It makes me happy to “hear” the smile in your words! I think it is a great idea to make a couple of fake windows in your class. You could make one the “weather window” and have different images of weather or climates. You could make one the “geography window” and have images of other countries that the students could describe. You could even have a “diner window” and introduce different foods to your students. I think this last one would be the most amusing for YOU…cuz your always thinking of food! You make your Nana proud.

    Love you!


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