Lesson learned in Korea: ALWAYS have an umbrella with you!

Hello Hello!!!

Week 2 of teaching: COMPLETE! I finished my week off on a high last night with my intermediate listening class, who thinks I am “funny”. I asked if that was a good thing or a bad thing, and they had no comment. But I think, and am hoping, it is a good thing. Then a group of us went to a “fish and grill” restaurant to eat, but no, we did not have any fish. Instead we had fries with cheese, fried chicken and some kind of pizza/wrap concoction. I left feeling a little less healthy than when I had entered. Then I came home and had a glass of wine. One a day is healthy, yes?

Oh yes, my title comes from the experience of trying to get from  the restaurant home. It was a beautiful day yesterday, not a cloud in the sky. As I was leaving to go to school I thought to msyelf “Maybe I should bring my umbrella, in case it rains when I come home”. And then I thought to myself, “no, it’s so nice out, it won’t rain, and if it does, i’ll just walk home in the rain, no biggy”. Well what do you think it did on my walk home? Yes, that is right, rain and RAIN it did. You would have thought we were being hit by a typhoon. We were a group of us, so atleast I was not all alone in the rain, and there we were, running around, hiding under cover anywhere we could. We stopped for awhile, under a building hoping it would pass, but it just got worse. By the time we were almost home we realized there was no point in trying to stay dry, we were completely soaked. I have never been so drenched in my life. So much for the dry cleaning that I had just gotten done the day of. So from now on when I leave my house, even if the sun is shining bright, I will always bring my umbrella with me.

I may visit the Korean Folk Village tomorrow, we shall see. I woke up this morning and cleaned my dishes that had begun to accumulate. I am going to head into school for a bit today to decorate my room, and put a Sara touch on it. Then I will probably check out the E-mart, which is a bit further away but bigger than the Lotte-mart aparently, and possibly check out the movie theatre. Hoping to make a dinner at home tonight and clean up my apartment; got to get rid of all the dust balls flying around. So a pretty relaxing  weekend so far.

Oh: I am being summoned to leave, to go to the classroom, so I must say good bye. Hope all is well! Love you! xoxox


5 thoughts on “Lesson learned in Korea: ALWAYS have an umbrella with you!

  1. HI SARA SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE BUSY, AND IF THEY THINK YOUR FUNNY WELL THAT IS GOOD. HEE HEE What do the students call you??? Miss sara?????We went to the cottage Tuesday and stayed till Thursday 6pm and no electrien showed up, but toilet now worksand we had nice weather and on Wed. we drove to Ottawa for lunch and a little visit also tried the new highway 50 but it doesn’t go all the way around Papinoville you get off and back on the 148 then 50 into Ottawa crazy Quebec.It was a lovely day not to humid and no RAIN hee heeBob had to go to food bank at 11pm Thursday evening till nealy 2am as he went by himself to do 48 orders.Monday we visit the Royal Vic so cross your fingers the doctor fixes Grandpa’s toe as we are both getting worried,and Thursday Bob will go again with electrien to cottage so maybe by Thanksgiving it will be fixed also.Take care have a great weekend and go see a movie in english.Love nan Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 04:12:35 +0000 To: mvyale@hotmail.com

  2. korean folk village would be awesome…or a korean movie !!! but you have to watch the whole thing, in korean , no subtitles!! :>

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