My First Week of Teaching!

Hello All!!!

I have survived a whole week of teaching! I came out this week in much better spirits than I did my training week. I only got trained to teach two types of classes but I am actually teaching 5. I Teach 2 memory classes a week with the same group of kids (they are about 8-10). I also teach 2 bridge classes, one reading, one listening to the same group. Then I teach a par (one level up) listening class and a birdie (one more level up) reading class. And I also teach the same Eagle reading class to two different groups of kids.

Notice how all the levels are golf terms. The eagle class is a really advanced group, but none of my kids are older than 13. I love the kids (so far) haha. The poor students who are in my 7pm-10pm classes though are always less enthused and it can be difficult to get them to participate (they are in class for about 12 hours a day) AND they probably get atleast 1 hour of homework from us, if not more, and that is only us, their other classes not included. Most of them are fed up and do not want to be there, but I feel for them and can totally relate. So hopefully that helps wiht our rapport.

I’ve been eating lots of noodle, kimchi, dumplings, and kimbap. I kept asking for kimbap becuase it looks like sushi (rice rolled in seaweed) BUT it is NOT sushi! And it is not very good! haha. They put SPAM and processed cheese and stuff in it. As my roomie, Sydney put it “it looks like they put in the leftovers from the kitchen drain” haha. Not very appetizing. I will be sticking to fried chicken and Cass beer I think, although it won’t be good for my figure. Jokes, once I get comfortable wiht teaching and don’t need to prep as much I will be doing some home cooking.

ALSO: Penis Fish update! They only eat it in the very rural areas. Although, I must say, now that I’ve heard of it, I am tempted to find it and try it out. Then again, I probably won’t cry if I don’t.

I am setting up my bank account and going to get my “Alien Registration Card” next week, then I will probably get a cellphone. There are cellphone shops ALL OVER the place. All of my kids have cellphones, they freaked when they heard I didnt have one. There are also coffee shops all over the place, apparently Starbucks is the place to go, it is a status thing; if you have Starbucks or are sitting in Starbucks it means you have the money/time to be there. All the other coffee shops are cheaper. Koreans are very obsessed with status and appearance; even the boys are constantly checking themselves out. They are also very westernized, if I haven’t mentioned that already. When I do get tired of salty, spicy Korean food, it is easy to find vietnamese, thai, american or french dining.

They have “4D” movies here, where your seat moves and things pop up in front of you, or you get splashed with water. So I will have to go check that out. Expendables 2 is about to come out here (so please no one ruin it for me, I know  it came out at home already, although its not the kind of plot that you can spoil i’m sure). They have a really nice bike/walking path that branches through the city and runs along a “stream” (polluted city water) but it is quite nice (I will have to take a pic) and i’ve walked/run along it twice now.

I would love to do a buddhist retreat one weekend. Then again, there are many things that I would like to do, and I will, once I get a paycheck or two and get settled. We have the first 3 days of october off (mon, tue, wed) because it is the Korean Thanksgiving. Sydney and I think we might just tour Korea as we will have only gotten one paycheck by then.  It is still pretty rainy here most days, so we are looking forward to the end of the rainy season and the beginning of fall.

That is my update for now. Hope everyone is in good health and doing well. Love you lots! xoxox


3 thoughts on “My First Week of Teaching!

  1. Hi Sara
    We loved reading your blog sounds like you are having a good time , we will have to go to your house so we can skpec as my computer is sooo slow. the pictures were great your apartment looks small but cosy. Keep well love nan

  2. Sara,
    Just finished reading your latest entry to Nana over the phone. Nana says she thinks about you alot and that you should “rock on!”. 🙂

    It was great to see your beautiful smiling face Saturday morning! Hope you had a good w/e and we’ll send you a usb key with some video clips of the pups.

    lots of love,


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