So I had my first day of classes. They actually went decently well. But there are definitely things I need to work on. But school is cancelled tomorrow because we are supposed to be hit by a typhoon! We had to tape all of the windows in our classrooms and the ones at our apartment! Will let you know what happens!!!


4 thoughts on “TYPHOOOON!!!!

  1. Oh Sara….if I wasn’t worried about you I would be laughing right now (OK maybe I’m still giggling a little!)…..if the teaching thing doesn’t work out I’m sure you could write a sitcom when you get back! 🙂 Stay safe!!! luv Tammy xo

  2. OK THATS IT COME HOME RIGHT NOW HAHA ….A TYPHOON!!! there’ sanother 20 white hairs on my head…Tammy im coming over to drink ! and Sara – keep us posted please !!!!! XOXO

  3. Hey Sara!

    Wow ! What a week of firsts…
    !. First trip to Soth Korea
    2. First training as teacher
    3. First taste of Korean BBQ
    4. First drink in tiny Koream bar
    5. First class AS TEACHER!

    6. FIRST TYPHOON!!!!!!

    WOOHOO!!!!!! Stay Safe and dry Sara

    Love Dad

    PS: tryed to post a funny picture for you…Blog doesn’t accept copy/paste 😦

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