The Week From HELL!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry it’s been so long. I am still alive but just barely! Training week was probably the worst week of my life. Let me see…

1) Between the jet lag, the rock hard bed, the freezing air conditioner and the nerves and stress of preparing, I was getting MAYBE 3 hours of sleep a night

2) I was barely eating!!! Which for those of you who know me is NOT good. You must feed the beast! Sara HUNGRY! Again, I was too stressed and had too much to do to eat and even when I wanted to, my pallet still hadnt gotten used to the taste or spice of Korea.

3) We went without hot water in our shower for 3 days, so even when I was stressed and wanted to take a breather I had to fight with the shower.

4) It was hot and rainy all week.

5) But worst of all was the stress of it all. They bombarded us with information and it was extremely overwhelming. It was more stressful than anything I had encountered in school and I came out of it feeling like a failure of a teaching with very little hope.

But alas,  I shipped out to my school on Friday afternoon with Sydney (my roomie from training) and once here started feeling a lot better. We got to meet all the teachers and staff at the school, they are all very nice! We went out for supper with them after the last classes to a Korean BBQ place where you sit on the floor with your legs crossed. It was delicious. Then hit up a small hole in the ground bar. Sydney and I had to sleep together in her place on her twin bed the first night because the girl whose room I was getting was still here. But I got to move in yesterday, and I love it. It has some mold in the bathroom and the beautiful (i say that with sarcasm) peach and gold floral wall paper is peeling off in the corners, but for a first place I love it! It felt great to unpack and make it my own. The girl who left was super nice and left behind a bunch of stuff and even two nice bottles of wine :)!!!!

I finally slept for more than 3 hours last night and woke up to go for a jog along the bike path that follows a stream/river. EXCEPT I don’t know what made me think that jogging at 12:30 in the afternoon was a good idea and/or would be any different than jogging at home. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke! But again, I am still alive. Sydeny and I hit up the Lotte Mart (like walmart but 2 or 3 stories and way more cool) to buy some groceries for the week, but I had to limit myself because my fridge is extremely tiny. And after making myself an egg sandwich, here I sit, typing my blog.

I will post pictures of my place and other things as soon as I can. I’ve been warned the first few weeks of school are still going to be pretty crazy stressful but things will eventually calm down once I get into the groove of things (hopefully). After getting throught training week, I think I can now get through anything. The main things that got me through last week were the motto “Nothing is the end of the world” and my amazing mother who calmed me down and told me how much she loved me when I called her in hysterics the night before my tests. Mom, I love you! And I love you all! I hope no one had a week like mine! I will write again soon, hopefully about how cute my kids are and not about how they are all little demons. Take Care! Sara OUT!


5 thoughts on “The Week From HELL!!!!!

  1. Well….you wanted an adventure – you’ve got one! Another motto to keep in mind…”what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” :)…..There’s nothing like a Mommy to get us through the worst, and you’re lucky your Mommy is one of the best! I also know that – because you’re her daughter – though you’ve had a hard week, you will get through just fine. You’re strong, determined, and it’s way too far to be a quitter! Love hearing about your adventures, Sara……good luck and keep well….Tammy xoxo

  2. Hi Sara. You are one strong,brave girl. Serge and I look forward to reading your blog. Your little home away from is beautiful. We are so looking forward to your pictures. Take care from around the other side of the globe. Love and kisses,
    Linda & Serge.xoxo

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