My first few days…

Hey Everyone!

So I am writing you now because the next few days of training are going to be extremely intense and I won’t have time to write. So far I have had bibimbap, Korean BBQ, a Korean stew, Japan Curry, and spicy fried chicken salad (not so Korean). Everything is very spicy (even for me) but it is good. I have actually been drinking Korean Beer (it is very light) and tried Soju for the first time tonight (it tastes like water downed vodka). Everything comes with kimchi (spicy cabbage) and this green seaweed/kale (i dont really know what it is) but it definitely helps cool down your pallet.

I have been trying my best to remember to take pictures, but it is not my fortay. I actually brought it out the other night but without the battery. I took some pics tonight at supper and took a sexy pic of me in scrubs at the medical exam (I will try to start posting pics ASAP). The medical test was quite thorough: urine test, chest x-rays, teeth check, etc etc and blood test (thank god they got it on the first try, unlike other places i’ve been to).

My roomate Sydney (who is going to the same location as me) is pretty awesome, I must say. And i’ve met a bunch of other really fun people. There are quite a few people at the training who are from the States but who are Korean, and have been here before so they have been helping us get around and what not.

Seoul is absolutely humungous! Every building is a high rise and it goes on forever. The subways are both below and above ground (I took it for the first time today) and they come out of the ground at one point and travel across a huge body of water (pretty cool). Its been cloudy and raining on and off ever since I got here. I think we got about 10 min of sun on sunday. But it is the end of the rainy season so it is to be expected. Hoping the humidity dies down soon, looking forward to fall!

I havent completely gotten over the jet lag yet, waking up at all hours of the morning because my body feels like I am sleeping in like crazy ( we are 13 hours ahead). Hopefully I will get over it soon. We were out for supper tonight and all of us found ourselves almost asleep at the table so we headed in (I am writing this and it is only 840 at night but I am about to go to bed, we have to get up early for training)

Oh ya, I found a grocery store around the corner from the hotel, got myself some OJ, eggs, peanut butter, bananas, bread, cucumber. Once I get settled I will adventure into korean cooking, but for now I just want to make sure I eat enough and get enough nutrients to stay healthy.

We havent had hot water for the shower since we got here, we are going to talk to the concierge in the morning. So not only is the room freezing (which it needs to be to keep out the heat) but so is our water. Which means ive been showering with my head upside down. I am craving a bath already (I must make a friend with a house that has one, if that  even exists) and I have been craving pizza ever since I got here!

I am falling asleep, so I will end this now. Hopefully I will be writing you on friday with good news and not heading back home (they ship you back out if you fail the tests). And by then I will probably have much to say. We leave Seoul and head out to Yonging to meet our Head Instructor and fellow teachers on friday. I am excited to meet then and see my apartment. So till Friday take care! and good night!


6 thoughts on “My first few days…

  1. Hi Sara Sounds like your having a great experience, it would be to hot for Granpa and I, looking forward to your next letter. Fingers crossed you get a nice apartment or
    room with a HOT Shower.
    Love Nan

  2. Sara…we will send you a pizza from Diamond…but I can;’t guarantee it will still be hot ha ha ha! Glad to hear you’re keeping busy and good luck in your training.

    We’re all anxious to see some pics! xoxo Mum and Dad

  3. Sara! Im so happy you made this blog and were able to read all about your exciting adventures! Love you and miss you already. xoxox

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